Sri Sri Mohanananda’s  Bramhachari  Maharaj’s Profile

The Song of Love

Let me kindle the candle of my love,
to the altar of Thy shrine,

Let the sweet fragrance of the incense of Thy bliss,
be spread over the length of Thy horizon.

Let me be the lovely colourful butterfly
of Thy garden of Eden.

Let me dance back and forth, round and round,
over Thy blissful face.

Let me quench my thirst, drinking the nectar,
kept secret in Thy heart,

Let it be for ever and ever for heaven’s sake,
please don’t make me apart.

Let me be the garland, hung around Thy neck,
throbbing with the pulse of Thy tender chest,

Let me be the flower girdle, round thy lotus feet,
dancing merrily with the rhythm of Thy feet.

Let me be the flute, that sings Thy song so sweet,
Let me be Thy playmate the shepherd of Thy estate.

Let me roe my little boat, please keep it afloat,
till it reaches Thy abode,

Let me bow, my beloved Guru, low, very low,
till my ego melts into the dust of Thy Road.

Sri Kalyanananda Brahmachari

Gurudev Sri Sri Mohanananda Bramhachari Maharaj exemplified such divinity and boundless charisma, so much so that those who came in his proximity were overwhelmed by sheer joy or Ananda. Param purush Maharaj-ji was epitome of Anandamoy personality 

To him life’s purpose was, being in the state of Ananada and uninterrupted commune with the divine….he said that anything that obstructed this Commune with the divine in this lifetime was Sin….so definition of Sin took a new meaning, What ever was impediment to divine commune was sin, 

His profoundest advise to the devotees was “ pray to the almighty demanding that “ Ananda is my birth right, hence transform myself to this state of Ananada…and make this life a true success” 

Yogasutra’s define that amongst the Sadahaks in whom the Shakti or Kundalini has reached the highest centre ..Sahasra, he or she transforms into Anandamoy being, and his/her charisma attracts one and all… such a person’s 

Words becomes the scripture, Touch or sparsha purifies, Wherever he seats that place become a holy place, Actions exemplify pure beauty, Silence is full of eloquence, Patience is mountain like, Dristi or gaze is full of kindness, Bliss showers on the people gathered around his/her lotus feat, This was exactly the persona and state of Sri Sri Guru Maharaj.