Dr. Pavitrananda Brahmachari’s Profile

Dr. Pavitrananda Brahmachari ( Ph.D) was born in Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh in1966 and completed graduation in Electrical Engineering (B.E Electrilcal) from National Institute of technology Bhopal in 1987 and joined an Engineering firm in Calcutta in 1987 and worked for less than one year. But the intense spiritual urge since his childhood and spiritual life of his father and mother also inspired him to finally take shelter at the Divine lotus feet of Gurumaharaj Shri Mohnananda Bramachari Maharaj by whom he was initiated in Naisthik Brahmacharya order in 1988 at Shri Balananda Ashram Deoghar on the aspisious day of Mahastami,Navratri Durgapuja.

His deep quest for Vedic and Upanishadic knowledge inspired him to take up Sanskrit studies in Deoghar. He completed his B.A, M.A (Vedantacharya), M.A. (Jyotishacharya) from Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan a Deemed University under Ministry of H.R.D.Govt. of India.and was Registered in Dept.of Philosophy in Vinoba Bhave University Hajaribag, Jharkhand for Ph.D and was also awarded. Junior Research fellowship by Indian council of Philosophical Research . He was awarded Ph.D in Vedanta Philosophy on 7th March 2014 in an International conference in New Delhi.

Educational Qualification

  • B.E.Electrical, REC.Bhopal, Now, N.I.T Bhopal. (National Institute of Technology)
  • B.A. in Advaita Vedanta Philosophy (gold medalist)
  • M.A. Advaita Vedanta Philosophy (Vedantacharya)
  • M.A Indian Astrology (Jyotishacharya)
  • Ph.D in Vedanta Philosophy


Seminar And Lecture

  • He presented a Paper on Modern Physics and Vedanta Philosophy under the Chairmanship of Prof .B.V Sreekantan of National Institute of Advanced studies under Indian Institute of Science(Bangalore) in the National Seminar on “India Philosophy, Sciense and Culture, visions and Tasks future,” which was organized by Indian Council of Philosophical Research at GuwahatiUniversity, at Guwahati,Assam from 16th March to18th march 2005.
  • He Presented his paper entitled “Yogic significance of the Sriyantra “at the National seminar for the PHISPC volume XV1 Part 2 History of yoga in India organized by Prof.S.P.Singh at Darsan Bhavan ,India council of Philosophical Research conference Room, New Delhi on march 20-21st ,2006 . The paper has been published in the volume” History of yoga.”.
  • During his U.S.A ,Canada ,U.K visit in 2008 he presented a seminar lecture in Dept.of Physics, Spelman college in Atlanta University(U.S.A) on 13th September 2006 entitled ” Journey of Quantum Physics from material realism to monistic idealism “.which was highly appreciated ,
  • M.S University of Baroda in collaboration with Shri Aurobindo Society Baroda organized a two day National seminar on “Shri Aurobindos vision and the globle perspective “ on 20-21st October 2010.He presented an invited paper on “Shri Aurobindo’s view on Science and spirituality” which was highly appreciated.
  • Delivered lecture in Brookhaven National Laboratory in Newyork on 6th June 2011 on ” Physics and consciousness ” which was attended by many scientists & highly appreciated. This Lab has produced seven noble prize winner scientists in Physics & Chemistry.
  • Presented a paper in ” Vedanta & science ” in International conference in New Delhi on 7th March where he was Awarded Ph.D.

He founded a new trust in Kolkata West Bengal named Srividya Religious and Charitable Foundation Trust in the year 2008 which is engaged in some educational and medical activities for last few years  in the memory of his Gurudev Shri Mohanananda Brahmachari Maharaj, He has set up an Ashram in Bengal in the Dist. Darjeeling , Siliguri Town named ” Shree Shree Mohananada Brahmachari Sevashram ” which  is engaged in various social activities. Presently we are running one Ayurved & one Homeopathic free dispensary for the benefit of local people.